DATE2022-06-28 14:28:00
TITLEReviewing seasonal forecasting tools for the agricultural and forestry sectors
AUTHORSJose M Costa-saura (1) ,Valentina Mereu (1,2) ,Monia Santini (1) ,Antonio Trabucco (1,2) ,Spano Donatella (1,2) ,Valentina Bacciu (1,3)
  1. 1) Cmcc, Sassari (Italy) ,2) Uniss, Sassari (Italy) ,3) Cnr, Sassari (Italy) ,4) Cmcc, Viterbo (Italy)
ABSTRACTClimate predictions at seasonal time scales are compelling instruments able to anticipate upcoming climate risks. Thus, the development of sectoral applications based on seasonal forecast systems might benefit users for guiding tactical decisions to adapt to out of the norm events. In this work we review tailored tools for the agricultural and forestry sectors developed under the framework of the MEDSCOPE project. The applications cover different type of approaches ranging from those based on climate indicators to process based models for yield forecasting. Furthermore, we assess the performance of these applications in terms of predictions accuracy and explore different factors affecting the performance of these approaches.