DATE2022-06-22 21:18:36
TITLEClimate Change Challenges for Cultural and Natural Heritage UNESCO Monuments in the Mediterranean Cities
AUTHORSChristos Zerefos (1,3,4,5) ,John Kapsomenakis (1) ,Anastasia Poupkou (1) ,Stilianos Zerefos (2) ,Costas Couvis (1) ,Stavros Solomo (1) ,Theodora Stavraka (1)
  1. 1) Research Centre For Atmospheric Physics And Climatology, Academy Of Athens, Athens (Greece) ,2) Hellenic Open University, Patra (Greece) ,3) Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy Of Athens, Athens (Greece) ,4) Navarino Environmental Observatory (n.e.o.), Messinia (Greece) ,5) Mariolopoulos-kanaginis Foundation For The Environmental Sciences, Athens (Greece)
ABSTRACTThe study presents a climatological analysis of specific interest at 263 UNESCO sites of cultural and natural heritage in the Mediterranean. A set of indices of importance to this work are calculated based on 21 regional EURO-CORDEX simulations covering the period 1971-2100 for the RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios. The indices include the evolution of climatological parameters including the frequency of extreme weather events. A significant increase in climate change hazards is found in the decades to come at all UNESCO sites, especially for the RCP8.5 scenario. The selected heritage sites are expected to suffer from in-creased temperature, heatwaves and increased wildfire danger, extreme rainfall, floods and mean sea level rise. Deterioration of aridity conditions is also expected for several sites mostly along the north African coast, Spain, southern Italy and Greece.