DATE2022-06-22 15:34:16
TITLEAdaptation of climate change in Morocco: impact and national strategies
AUTHORSLoubna Bouhachlaf (1) ,Fatimazahra Mousli (1) ,Souad El Hajjaji (1)
  1. 1) Mohammed V University In Rabat, Faculty Of Science, Rabat (Morocco)
ABSTRACTThe world is already experiencing the dramatic effects of climate change, which is likely to lead to longer and more widespread heat waves, making some regions uninhabitable and soils unsuitable for agriculture. This rise in temperatures will put intense pressure on crops and already scarce water resources. This situation is further exacerbated by the impact of climate change. The increasing demand for water due to human, industrial, agricultural and repeated droughts at the national level has led decision-makers to consider wastewater as a valuable source. In Morocco, the water sector is facing the challenges of overexploitation of groundwater resources, the weak development of water resources mobilized especially in the agricultural sector, the effect of climate change and the deterioration of water resources quality due to the delay of sanitation, as well as wastewater treatment and reuse of treated wastewater. This study is used to make a comparative study between the methods used in the treatment of wastewater and to raise it by adapting renewable water resources.