DATE2022-06-22 14:15:30
TITLEGRobs-01: A gridded dataset of daily temperatures and precipitation for Greece.
AUTHORSKonstantinos V. Varotsos (1) ,Basil Psiloglou (1) ,Athanasios Sarantopoulos (2) ,Christos Giannakopoulos (1)
  1. 1) National Observatory Of Athens, Institute For Environmental Research And Sustainable Development, Athens (Greece) ,2) Hellenic National Meteorological Service, Athens (Greece)
ABSTRACTWe present a new observational gridded dataset of daily maximum, daily minimum and daily mean temperatures and precipitation for Greece and for the period 1981-2020 (hereafter GRobs-01). The dataset has an horizontal resolution of 0.1o and is derived through interpolating observational data collected from two national weather stations networks: the National Hellenic Meteorological Service and the National Observatory of Athens. To reduce the uncertainty of the gridded product, quality control procedures and homogenization of the time series is performed prior to interpolation. A comparison of GRobs-01 and E-OBSv25 available data for the common period, 1981-2004, for both the mean and extreme values indicates that the two data sets exhibit similar spatial variability over the Greek domain for temperatures and precipitation with GRobs-01 showing lower absolute and relative biases for both variables, respectively, when compared to the observations. It should be mentioned that due to the methodology GRobs-01 is derived, higher horizontal resolution versions can be easily produced which can then be used to evaluate, bias adjust and statistically downscale climate change projections.