DATE2022-06-21 17:58:51
TITLEClimate Change Effects on Agriculture and Adaptation Measures in Mediterranean Regions
AUTHORSFatimazahra Mousli (1) ,Loubna Bouhachlaf (1) ,Souad El Hajjaji (1)
  1. 1) Cerne2d, Mohammed V University In Rabat, Faculty Of Science, Rabat (Morocco)
ABSTRACTThe five Mediterranean climate zones of the world have distinct climatic regimes, with cold, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. Drought and high temperature occurrences are becoming more often as a result of climate change, putting agriculture in these areas at risk. In this study, we look at how climate change will affect agricultural systems, and different measures agricultural systems should adapt to Climate Change, the social and economic repercussions, and the techniques employed by producers to adapt to Climate Change. Water shortages are most common in rainfed environments during the blooming and grain filling stages, which has a significant impact on crop yield. due to a reduction in irrigation water availability and an increase in evapotranspiration. Agriculture's adaptation to Climate Change in Mediterranean zones necessitates integrated methods that involve several aspects, including the product, agricultural systems, and farming practices.