DATE2022-05-30 17:12:00
TITLEClimatology and long-term variations in short-term variability of temperature and precipitation
AUTHORSRadan Huth (1,2) ,Tomáš Krauskopf (1,2) ,Romana Beranová (2) ,Martin Dubrovský (2) ,Ondřej Lhotka (2) ,Eva Plavcová (2) ,Zuzana Rulfová (2) ,Klára Sedláková (1,3)
  1. 1) Dept. Of Physical Geography And Geoecology, Faculty Of Science, Charles University, Prague (Czechia) ,2) Institute Of Atmospheric Physics, Czech Academy Of Sciences, Prague (Czechia) ,3) Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Prague (Czechia)
ABSTRACTAtmosphere is varying on all temporal scales. While much effort has been devoted to analyzing long-term changes (trends) in mean values and extremes, studies on changes in variability have been rather scarce. Additionally, there is no agreement on whether the atmospheric variability has changed already or not and in which direction; previous studies of trends in temperature variability have produced conflicting results. This contribution provides climatology and long-term trends in intraseasonal variability of temperature and precipitation for individual seasons, with focus on winter and summer. The temperature variability is quantified by seasonal standard deviation, persistence (temporal autocorrelation with lag of 1 day), and mean absolute day-to-day temperature difference; precipitation variability is quantified by wet-wet and dry-wet transition probability and length of dry and wet spells. Wherever feasible, we compare climatology and trends among different datasets, including station data, gridded datasets, and reanalyses. We also analyze outputs of climate models (both global and regional) for current climate conditions. Our study is conducted for Europe together with neighbouring regions (Middle East, North Africa), with a focus on the Mediterranean area.