DATE2022-05-30 14:57:07
TITLEMorocco’s performance is climate change adaptation and mitigation
AUTHORSVictor Ongoma (1) ,Fatima Driouech (1) ,Youssef Brouziyne (1) ,Tarik Chfadi (1) ,Epule Terence (1) ,Meryem Tanarhte (2) ,Abdelghani Chehbouni (1)
  1. 1) International Water Research Institute, Mohammed Vi Polytechnic University, Ben Guerir (Morocco) ,2) Hassan Ii University Of Casablanca, Faculty Of Sciences And Techniques Of Mohammedia, Mohammedia (Morocco)
ABSTRACTIncrease in frequency and intensity of climate extremes associated with climate change is a threat to sustainable development. Developing nations that contribute the least to greenhouse emissions are the most vulnerable to climate change impacts as compared to developed nations. There is growing need for effective climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. This scoping review study explores some of the progress made by Morocco in adapting to and mitigating climate change as well as the challenges and opportunities of addressing climate change. The country has made a healthy and sustainable environment a human right, enshrined in its constitution. Morocco has enforced its national environmental and sustainable development policy to support its target to reduce its GHG emission by 45.5% by 2030. The policy is backed by relevant sectoral strategic development plans aimed at conserving the environment and promoting environmentally friendly programs mainly in water, agriculture, energy and transport sectors. The country’s active involvement in environmental diplomacy exemplifies its exploits both locally, and internationally in promoting environmental awareness. Despite the gains, there are still issues such as gender equality and social inclusion in most environmental and climate initiatives. Morocco’s exemplary response to climate change can be a reference for other nations, both developing and developed.