DATE2022-05-30 12:49:12
TITLEClimate knowledge in support of health systems resilience in the Mediterranean Region: The LIFE-RESYSTAL project
AUTHORSAthanasios Sfetsos (1) ,Stelios Karozis (1) ,Diamando Vlachogiannis (1)
  1. 1) Ncsr Demokritos, Agia Paraskevi (Greece)
ABSTRACTClimate change has been identified as a major challenge in health systems, potentially stressing the capacities of health systems to cope with more exposed humans (excessive demand of services) and potentially reducing their operational capacity and causing structural degradation. The LIFE RESYSTAL project addresses the Climate Change Adaptation policy priority within the health sector aspiring to provide a better understanding of how on climate risks and vulnerabilities and best practices and solutions for climate change adaptation based on green and blue infrastructures. LIFE RESYSTAL assembles a highly innovative toolbox that will allow practitioners to identify climate risks, health infrastructures vulnerabilities and propose cost-beneficial measures to enhance their resilience through an extensive assessment of available adaptation actions. Additionally, the toolbox will target management of acute climate crisis thus forming a holistic approach to enhance resilience of health care facilities. It represents the first step to tackle climate change (CC) and will serve as groundwork for future adaptation projects. The project will develop and demonstrates innovative solutions and tools in 4 pilots (7 hospitals) in the Mediterranean, leading to the implementation of hard adaptation measures in terms of blue-green and grey infrastructures, and also operational measures. The pilots differ in terms of infrastructure characteristics and operations, climate pressures and anticipated adaptation measures.