DATE2022-05-28 11:43:07
TITLEDatasets linking societal and climatic change: examples from SW Turkey and directions for future research
AUTHORSMatthew Jacobson (1)
  1. 1) University Of Glasgow, Glasgow (United Kingdom)
ABSTRACTIt is often stated that the large number of case-studies of human-environment-climate interactions provided by archaeology might hold the key for mitigating against the impacts of future climate change. In the last two decades, these case-studies have grown in number and the nature of climatic impacts is being seen as more and more complex, with increased recognition of human agency in mitigating (or intensifying) these impacts. In this talk, I synthesise the available evidence from Late Antique Lycia-Pamphylia, SW Turkey. Utilising such a small study region is often not viable due to a lack of comparable archaeological, palynological and palaeoclimate datasets. However, in Lycia-Pamphylia, an archaeological synthesis of 381 settlements, 15 pollen records, and 3 palaeoclimate records are now available. I will use this data to test three previous hypotheses that link climate change to “prosperity“ (or lack thereof), commenting on whether these hold true at a smaller regional scale and on the quality of the data itself. The final part of the talk will be a discussion of what additional data or analyses are required to increase confidence in such analyses, and whether these are currently attainable.