DATE2022-05-14 18:21:12
TITLEChanging Climate, Changing Lives. Climate and Society in Greek cities from the antiquity to the present.
AUTHORSGeorge Vlahakis (0)
  1. 1) Hellenic Open University, Patras (Greece)
ABSTRACTThere are several ways to interepret climate and its role for the formation of a society in several historical periods. The present study gives an overview of the climate conditions and the role they played for the developed of the Hellenic Civilization in the past and compares it with the situation that prevails nowadays. For this reason we shall use data from primary sourses as well as the secondary literature on the subject. An important part of the paper will deal with the relavant discussion between Greek and foreign scientits during the 19th century. Furthermore we would like to claim that though the climate in Greece has been more or less stable over the centuries, the formation of a different way of life in the modern cities has played a critical role for a new micro-climate within the cities limits and consequently the influence on the people's behavior. As a case study we'll focus our examination in Athens.