DATE2022-05-14 00:45:33
TITLENew insights on the dynamics of El Haouz aquifer: a comprehensive analysis of hydrological and climate data
AUTHORSImane El Bouazzaoui (1) ,Yassine Ait Brahim (2) ,El Mahdi El Khalki (2) ,Blaid Bougadir (1)
  1. 1) Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech (Morocco) ,2) International Water Research Institute, Mohammed Vi Polytechnic University, Ben Guerir (Morocco)
ABSTRACTThe Haouz aquifer experiences several environmental and socio-economic challenges due to the growth of the agricultural sector and the intensity of irrigation. As a result, the groundwater is undergoing, in addition to climatic aridity, an anthropic pressure largely related to the agricultural sector. Several studies have been conducted to better understand the problem of overexploitation in the Haouz aquifer. However, it is still very important to perform an innovative and comprehensive analysis of hydroclimatic data, in order to define the relationship between the hydrogeological, meteorological, hydrological and agricultural parameters, using statistical tools. In the present study, special attention was given to the main factors that have a direct impact on the fluctuations of the groundwater table, with an emphasis on piezometric level, rainfall, surface water flow, and vegetation. The data was mainly collected from Tensift Hydraulic Bassin Agency and satellite data. The analysis of the relationship between these factors has shown the presence of two distinct operating systems. The first is manifested in areas where pumping is low, characterized by a natural balance between rainfall, surface water, vegetation cover and the piezometric level, whereas the second is perceptible in areas with high irrigation and where the natural balance of the water cycle is disturbed. This study allowed us to produce relevant results and graphical material and illustrations that will help decision-makers to better understand the risks and challenges of groundwater vulnerability in the Haouz region, to promote efficient and integrated groundwater management.